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Post-pandemic grand opening

A hairstylists guide to making the most out of their return to the salon.

Stepping back into the salon after the COVID-19 lockdown is uncharted territory and takes a lot of prep work. 

In this ebook I share my own to-do list to get prepped and some unique opinions I have to using this situation to your advantage.

Brief overview:

-Keep up communication before reopening

-Start stocking up now

-Branded masks

-Surveying your clients 

-Why not return to your dream schedule? 

-Consider weening back into a full schedule 

-Creative ideas for first weeks back

-Personalized clean boxes for each client

-Setting the tone with a welcome email  

-Stay in the drivers seat, eye of the storm

-Rebooking clients

-At home solutions for the tidal wave period 

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ebook: Crafting captivating CAPTIONS

A hairstylists guide for creating content on Instagram.

One of the biggest struggles I hear from stylists is figuring out Instagram. What pics to post, how to write long form, engaging captions to make Instagram work for their business and personal brand.

I took my content creating system and laid it all out for you here.

Brief overview:

Why is Instagram  important?

What is content and what makes it good?

Creating purposeful content; providing value.

Working the algorithm and landing on explore page.

Caption templates

10 pages of topic ideas

Batching content

4 week content planner template

captions ebook.jpg

ebook: hairstylists systems for success

After 7 years behind the chair and 2 years as a studio suite owner, I think I have grown my business into something that I am proud of and that helps provide a life I love for my family and I.

I am frequently asked via social media all sorts of business questions. I see the same struggles arise inside industry Facebook groups and with my coaching clients. I have recognized and narrowed down some systems - just little scripts that I keep in the "Notes" section of my phone. A small group of texts that make a HUGE impact on how I run my business. I have compiled these game changing systems and organized them so you can stop wasting time in the back and fourth monotonous conversations with clients when you should be out enjoying your life.

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