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Breaking Barriers in the Beauty Industry with LaRee Smith

Updated: 5 days ago

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations! I'm your host, Lisa Huff, and today we're diving deep into a story of resilience, success, and the transformative power of self-belief in the beauty industry. Our special guest is Laree Smith, owner of Serene Hair Spa in the Pittsburgh area, who has swiftly become a cornerstone of the Stylist Soul Tribe since joining last summer.

Laree Smith: A Quiet Powerhouse in the Beauty Industry

Despite her quiet demeanor and humility, Laree's journey is nothing short of inspiring. She admits to being nervous about her first podcast experience, marking off her day just for this conversation, but her story is one that needs to be heard. Laree's path in the beauty industry is a testament to doing big, incredible things very quietly, without seeking recognition.

A Life Shaped by Challenges and Triumphs

Laree shares her unique background, growing up in a large, complex family with a significant age gap between her parents. Her life was marked by frequent moves and significant challenges, including living in a women's shelter at a young age and coping with the complexities of her family dynamics. Despite these challenges, Laree's resilience has been her guiding force, helping her to navigate through life's turbulence with grace and determination.

Building a Dream in the Beauty Industry

Laree's career began with a desire to bring beauty and peace to those in their final moments, a passion that led her to the beauty industry. Her journey through beauty school and various roles in the industry showcases her adaptability and commitment to her craft. Laree's story is not just about overcoming obstacles but also about making a significant impact in her community and the lives of her clients.

Empowering Others Through Experience and Expertise

At Serene Hair Spa, Laree not only offers top-notch beauty services but also fosters an environment of growth and empowerment. She has become a mentor and a leader, sharing her knowledge and experience to uplift others in the industry. Laree's approach to business and client relationships is deeply rooted in respect, care, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Join Us on This Journey of Inspiration

Laree's participation in the Stylist Soul Tribe is a beacon for many in our community, encouraging others to pursue their passions and build their dream careers despite the odds. Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact one person can have when they are dedicated to their goals and to helping others achieve theirs.

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