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It's a tale as old as time that olive oil is fabulous for your hair.

So when I got this new Olive Organics line from CHI my thirsty locks were just delighted.

I'd like to share my thoughts with you...

What I love the most about these products are the pure ingredients and that they're rich in anti-oxidants.

What more could a girl want?

They contain a unique blend of botanical ingredients prevent split ends for healthy, shiny hair. It is designed to promote wellness through the proper balance of nutrients the hair and skin need.

I'm in.

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a superior moisturizing agent that has the ability to deeply penetrate hair allowing moisture retention. Oil extracted from cold-pressed olives is rich in nutrients which helps to keep hair vibrant while antioxidants help to strengthen hair by protecting against damage.

  • Improves hair elasticity

  • Adds shine and improves manageability

  • Strengthens weak strands

  • Moisturizes and conditions hair and scalp.

The secret behind this goodness is a unique blend of botanicals that help prevent split ends for healthy, shiny hair. This blend consists of Calendula flowers, Chamomile, comfrey root, cucumber, green tea & passion fruit.

& so it smells sooooo nice!

Lets break this line down product by product, shall we?

Shampoo & Body wash

I really like this shampoo! It is super hydrating.

It's so very gentle on the scalp & body.

It products a quick nice lather on both the hair and the body giving you an extra clean yet still moisturized feel.


This conditioner is super thick and extra moisturizing.

It does an amazing job smoothing down the cuticle leaving your ends feeling super soft.

Focus on ends and avoid applying near scalp.

Treatment Masque

This is an amazing deep conditioner!

It leaves hair silky smooth and tangle free.

This would be great for young girls who need the extra moisture for their tangly tresses. I was blown away when I went to brush through my hair after using this. It glided through so gently!

Styling Glaze

This product has a light hold. It's good for air drying or blowouts.

It provides a nice slip when styling, making blow drying very controlled and easy.

Hair & body oil

Unlike other hair oils I was pleasantly surprised with the light weight formula of this product.

It does a great job smoothing down split ends & also can act as a heat protectant.

I am and have always been naturally very dry. My skin, my hair, my nails & I can say when I got out of the shower after using these products it felt like my hair just had a big giant glass of water. It no longer felt dry and rough but instead silky and smooth.

If you are a fellow dry chick like me I really urge you to try at least the shampoo conditioner and masque out. You will not be sorry.

For more info or to purchase any product mentioned click here.

Okay guys it's been real. I'm off to watch the new episode of Fixer Upper. I basically feel like I know Chip Gaines on a much deeper level after finishing his new book Capital Gaines. I watch it and feel like he's an old friend.

I hope where ever you are and when ever you're reading this that you are having the best freaking day ever.

Chat soon.

x lisa.

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