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Extensions are everything


So Aqua Extensions sent me 4 packs of tape in extensions to play with and oh man I am HOOKED.

Here is the full video transformation on my bestie, Rylie.

If you're interested in following Rylie here are all her links, she's also a hairstylist, a makeup artist, and basically a comedian, seriously you should give her a follow.




To install I just use a foiling comb to pick up super thin slices that I then sandwich between two tapes. I brick lay the tape ins all the way up making sure to customize to my client based on where I'd like to add more length and density.

For Rylie I am using 18in black to medium brown balayage which we then threw a shades eq gloss over top to darken them just a bit more yet still have some dimension. The extensions colored extremely well.

I love tape ins because they are quick and easy to install, cause no damage if used properly, and instantly turn you full glam and make you feel amazing about yourself.

Seriously, Rylie is already saying she doesn't know how shes gone her whole life without them bc she will now have tape ins forever.

I am so impressed with Aqua Extensions because the tape itself is so thin and seamless, yet holds a lot of hair. Like for only 40 pieces of tape, Rylie added some DENSITY. These extensions are top notch and I cannot recommend them enough.

I have decided to now bring this service into my business permanently. If you are a new or existing client interested in getting some tape in extensions installed shoot me an email at with the subject like EXTENSIONS. I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you guys so much, I hope this taught you a little something and maybe opened up your curiosity to extensions.

And thank you so much to Aqua Hair Extensions for these amazing products. So happy to have found this brand.

I appreciate you.

x lisa.

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