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If you spend some time on Instagram and your algorithm shows you even a little bit of hair industry posts, I'm sure you've seen and heard of the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

So along with the No Yellow Shampoo, they also sent me the No Yellow Mask, two hair oils, another moisturizing mask and a conditioner.

The No Yellow Shampoo works great as a purple shampoo, it's very pigmented and does the trick for a purple shampoo. However, it smells terrible. At least to me. I was shocked that no one has ever said that in all the posts I've seen it promoted. Again it's pretty pigmented for a purple shampoo, however I wouldn't replace a toner with it like a lot of the Instagram videos show, I think a toner is still necessary. It is great for clients in between salon visits though to keep brassiness away. However so is every other purple shampoo on the market and most smell much better than this one. Again, just my opinion.

This Restructuring mask is good. Works well, leave the hair feeling super moisturized and silky. This one as well has a strong smell. Not bad, just super duper sweet, sugar cookie smell, somewhat overwhelming but still a nice scent.

This serum is my favorite product in the package. It works wonderfully, not too heavy, leaves your hair super silky and adds some slip. I really like it.

Since I'm really being extra with the scents I may as well mention this one also has a strong scent however it's wonderful. My clients comment on it every single time I apply it to their hair. I guess I'd say a Jolly Rancher smell.

Overall it's great. The scent. The results. I'm really happy with this product. If you're in the market for a hair serum, I would definitely recommend.

This leave in conditioner is great as well. Adds slip, helps detangle, provides thermal protection. It has a nice light clean scent.

I like to use this by spraying it into wet hair before brushing and styling. I use a leave in conditioner on everyone and it's just really great to close up that cuticle and keep your hair super moisturized.

To watch my full review on every product Fanola sent me you can watch the video here:

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