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From Strangers to Soul Sisters: Building Bonds and Breakthroughs Inside Soul Tribe 20

In a special episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations, we gathered not one, not two, but five extraordinary guests from Soul Tribe 20. This unique episode explores the profound connections and transformative experiences that have emerged within this group, showcasing the magic that happens when hairstylists come together with vulnerability and authenticity.

A Unique Format with Extraordinary Guests

This episode is a first for the podcast, featuring six voices in an engaging and heartfelt conversation. Soul Tribe 20 has been a standout group within the Stylist Soul Tribe community, and their journey from strangers to a tightly-knit family is nothing short of inspiring. As Lisa Huff, the founder of Stylist Soul Tribe, puts it, "I feel like the mom of 20 children, and I definitely cannot choose favorites, but this group is something special."

Introducing Soul Tribe 20

Each member of Soul Tribe 20 brings their unique background and expertise to the table:

- Jen Santos: A powerhouse salon owner from Northern California with 16 years in the industry.

- Paloma Sipak: A booth rental stylist from Southern California specializing in balayage, extensions, and personalized guest experiences.

- Kristen Code: An independent hairstylist and newly minted Reiki practitioner from Michigan.

- Jordan Sturm: The owner of Salon Phoenix in Greenland, Indiana, specializing in curly hair.

- Kelsey Cowan: A booth renter from Springfield, Missouri, focusing on low maintenance color.

The Formation and Dynamics of Soul Tribe 20

The bond within Soul Tribe 20 is unique and profound. The group attributes their deep connections to their willingness to open up and be vulnerable with each other. Paloma, who initiated the idea for the group podcast, expressed how their support system has pushed each member to grow both personally and professionally. "We have always been so proud of each other and we've had something super unique that I haven't seen in a lot of groups," she shares.

Personal Growth and Support

The members of Soul Tribe 20 shared significant breakthroughs, often supported by the group's collective encouragement. Kristen, for example, spoke about experiencing two significant losses shortly after joining the tribe and how the group's support helped her navigate those challenging times. Jordan shared a similar story, highlighting how the tribe supported her through difficult experiences in her salon, emphasizing the power of vulnerability in forging strong connections.

The Importance of Vulnerability

Vulnerability emerged as a recurring theme throughout the episode. Kristen and Jordan's stories of opening up about personal struggles and receiving unwavering support from the group demonstrate how authenticity fast-tracks deep, meaningful connections. This openness has not only strengthened their personal lives but also had a positive impact on their professional journeys.

Holistic Approach to Business and Personal Life

Soul Tribe 20 exemplifies the holistic approach of the Stylist Soul Tribe. The group agrees that addressing personal issues is crucial for business success. The dynamic within the group helps members push through personal boundaries, ultimately benefiting their businesses. As Lisa emphasizes, "If things aren't good at home, things aren't going to be good in business."

Planning and Execution of Group Meetups

The tribe's bond extends beyond virtual interactions. They organized in-person meetups, strengthening their relationships further. These meetups are seen as essential for deepening their connections and understanding each other's lives and businesses better. The group plans to continue these meetups, with future events hosted by different members.

The Impact of Soul Tribe 20 on Members' Lives

Each member shared how their involvement in Soul Tribe 20 has profoundly impacted their personal and professional lives. Jen attributes her new salon's success to the group's encouragement, while Paloma highlights the daily inspiration and support she receives from the tribe. Kelsey and Kristen spoke about recognizing personal patterns and finding their voices, and Jordan expressed gratitude for the tribe's role in helping her grow as a person and a salon owner.

The episode concludes with a powerful message to listeners about the importance of community. Lisa hopes that by sharing Soul Tribe 20's story, others will be inspired to seek out and nurture supportive relationships in their own lives. "Everybody can and should have this," she says, "and it makes a world of difference when you have people around you that really care a lot."

Tune in to this heartwarming episode to witness the transformative power of community, vulnerability, and consistent support. Whether you're a hairstylist or someone seeking deeper connections, Soul Tribe 20's journey offers valuable insights and inspiration.

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