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Hello Salon Pro - a subscription box for hairstylists

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

So we all know and love subscription boxes. I mean they have them for everything, make up, accessories, snacks.... well I just discovered that there is a subscription box only for professional hairstylists!

It's not surprising that I am obsessed. I LOVE trying new products as the hit the market and always wanna stay fresh on new trends and what hot. Here's the answer to my prayers.

The Hello Salon Pro Box.

Here is a video of me unboxing and explaining all the contents:

I was blown away when this box of goodies arrived at my studio. I couldn't wait to dive in. & when I did, I was not disappointed.

So it starts off with this fun flyer explaining everything in the box and being super social media savvy asking you to hashtag #hellosalonpro and you know I did on my instagram story right away.

Funnest part of all of this... I have a code for you to receive a box for FIVE DOLLARS! Seriously. No joke.

So let's get into the good stuff on what all came in this mysterious little box.

Balay Powder & 4 chip brushes

So if you've never tried Balay powder you're missing out. It is such a smart concept. It is a clay additive that thickens any lightener or color to your ideal painting consistency. It does not affect lift or deposit at all so there is no need to adjust the developer. It also prevents traditional lighteners from swelling so you don't have to worry about any splotching in your balayage! For more information or to purchase Balay Powder click here & you can also visit their Instagram & YouTube.

Agadir Men Hair & Body Wash

I can't wait for my hubby to lather up with this amazing smelling wash. & it's a full size bottle. For a $5 box that is crazy impressive value. To check out the Agadir website click here.

Kenra Platinum Luxe one leave in

This leave in conditioner spray not only smells fabulous but it leaves your hair sooo soft and silky. It provides wonderful slip and shine and I love using it before blowdrying all my clients. For more info on Kenra products click here.

Pink Pewter Nylon contoured styling brush

This brush is insanely flexible and completely heat resistant so you can blow-dry fast, easy, and pain free. & again, a full size brush inside this FIVE dollar box is a no brainer win! To purchase this brush and check out all of Pink Pewter's other amazing products click here.

Kadus Professional Color Trial Kit

This kit comes with a full size tube of 6N, 5B and 20 vol developer. I used it on my client the other day and it provided amazing gray coverage, consistent even, beautiful results. I mixed the 6N and 5B and it was a beautiful medium beigey brown. Definitely going to be playing with more Kadus color in the future. To check out their site click here.

Johnny B Shave Cream and After Shave

I havent had a chance to try these so I don't have much of a review. However I wanted to add them in to show all of the contents of the box. To check out more Johnny B products click here.

If you are now just as obsessed as me and want to purchase your first Hello Salon Pro box for only FIVE DOLLARS click here and be sure to use the code CRUSH at checkout!

Thanks so much for reading!

x lisa.

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