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Kimberly Kennedy interview

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This is my first blog post of 2018 and let me tell you - I've got some really awesome content in store this year.

So as I looked ahead at what I want to accomplish for 2018, a major goal I have is to make connections. I think we underestimate the power of connecting with people. I mean isn't that really what social media is all about? Yet somehow it can start to feel like your drowning in self promotion and quite frankly, to me that just gets boring.

I often get asked the same questions over and over again. Not only from my clients in my chair but also my internet friends and followers that reach out to me on a daily basis to ask for hair help... Which I can not tell you how happy I get when I receive these messages because that tells me I'm doing my job if I am the first person you think of when you need hair help. And that's what I want! It does however, start to feel repetitive explaining my hair routine and what my favorite products are when I realize that everyone's hair is unique and it never hurts to get different perspectives.

I thought it would be pretty cool to hear those different perspectives from people with different hair types. & also honestly, I'm just nosy! I think we all are. I want to know how often people wash their hair, how often they trim it. I wanna know what they ask for when they sit down to see their stylist, then how they maintain that. Everything. I want to know everything.

Shoot, I want to know what toothpaste that pretty girl that works at forever 21 uses. Serious.

So I have decided in 2018 I am going to be interviewing some amazing ladies; both hairdressers and not and have some fun conversations mostly hair related but also just whatever my nosy mind comes up with.

So, to start off this series, I have a wonderful little internet friend of mine, a stylist and business coach that I majorly look up to Kimberly Marie Kennedy. I met Kimberly over a year ago through our mutual business coach Britt Seva. In this interview we cover a wide range of topics from her hair care routine all the way to how she gets inspired. I hope you all enjoy this interview and give Kimberly a follow, you can thank me later for introducing you guys.

(LISA) Thanks so much for agreeing to this! You are my first interview yet and my thought for these blog posts are just to just pick the brains of other like minded ladies. First off will you explain where your from and what you do?

(KIMBERLY) Hey Lisa! Yes and thank you so much for this opportunity, I feel honored to be your 1st interview! I am from Seattle, Wa. I have been an independent hairstylist for 14 years & am also a Business Coach for Independent Hairstylists, teaching them to structure their business & create a better work/life balance. I absolutely love what I do & am living my passions!

(LISA) I didn’t know you’ve been in the industry for 14 years! You are definitely someone I look up to in the online space and I think the route that you’re going is so awesome and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Can we start off with hair... describe your personal hair to me - texture, length, etc.

(KIMBERLY) I have always felt my hair had run down the middle of the spectrum of hair. (Medium thickness & density, natural level 5, not straight but not curly lol) It’s at a medium lob length currently & I am loving it! For years I have kept it long but when I turned 30, I decided to cut it off & it was so freeing.. it cut my styling time in 1/2 & I loved that my ‘cut’ was a “style” & I didn’t have to think about how I was going to style it. Which you sometimes have to do with longer hair. (Bun, curls, braid, straight) It definitely helped when I had my son to have shorter hair. (less time) I also get the most complements on it now too.

(LISA) Yes I can so relate to that mom-life! What do you do for color currently? How often and what services?

(KIMBERYLY) I do a color retouch & toner every 8 weeks. For years I have deepened my root color a level darker (level 4) I find it to be more complementary with my eye color (I have VERY dark brown eyes) I use Pravana color line & usually tone with 9.22 in the Summertime & a 7.22 or 6.22 in the winter. I find these toners really help cut the brass. I get my hair balayaged about every 9months from one of the stylists at our salon. (Salon Ish) & then maintain it with the toners/gloss.

(LISA) Can you breakdown your current hair care “routine” for us? Like how often you shampoo, products you use etc.

(KIMBERLY) Yes! I wash my hair every 5 days. I am currently using Kevin Murphy hydrate. me wash & Rinse (I like to switch to this in the fall/winter because hair & skin tends to be drier. I also rotate in Kevin Murphys Blonde.Angel Wash & Rinse this is a Violet tone & helps cancel warmth. Depending on how I want to style my hair I will either use Kevin Murphys Body.Builder Mousse & Session.Spray(curling) or Davines Oi All-ina-One Milk Spray & Oil for straight Hair. I can typically wear my hair down for 2-3 days with Davines Hair Refresher(dry shampoo) & then I have start putting it up..either half top knot, bun, or messy bun. Since I only wash every 5 days I always do a “double wash” to get all the product out & cleanse my hair.

(LISA) Hahaha I feel you on that, I’m a “triple washer”! What would be your number one “hair hack” you’ve learned over the years?

(KIMBERLY) Just one!? Lol Ahhh...I would sayyy..I like to spray a little dry shampoo in my hair on the 1st day of styling. I find this helps to “prevent” hair from getting oily & flat. It helps the problem before it starts & helps keep my style longer.

(LISA) Yes that’s a good one! Now let's switch gears a little bit, these are things I love hearing others thoughts on... what is your favorite way to get inspired?

(KIMBERLY) PODCASTS!!! I am a podcast junkie! I listen to them everyday, anytime I get a chance. Getting ready in the morning, driving in the car, around the house.

(LISA) Gah I am the EXACT same! That’s actually a perfect lead into my next question. What are your favorite podcasts currently, blogs, YouTube channels and then also if your a reader, your favorite book?

(KIMBERLY) Fave podcast... for Hairstylists...the American Salon podcast for sure! I was just introduced to Eric Taylor’s podcast “the hair game” & it is also a great listen. I also love the Tony Robbins podcast. For blogs I love Nina, “PassionSquared” blog posts & love her little love notes she sends out. As far as reading, I have never been a big reader, but I do listen to audio books on audible. Some of my faves are “Start with Why” Simon Synak & “jab jab jab right hook” Gary Vee

(LISA) Oooh well I just personally indulged and got some awesome things to add to my list of must reads! I love Gary Vee! Thank you so much for chatting Kimberly. Can you send me over all your social links for all my readers that just fell in love with you and want to follow you. Also just a little explanation of what they can expect from your content!


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