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Kitsch - the cutest hair accessories evaaa

Who doesn't need some chic trendy hair accessories in there life?

We all do. Don't lie.

So I have recently crossed digital paths with Cassandra Thurswell, the founder of KITSCH.

The people over at Kitsch were sweet enough to send me over a little package of goodies and I am so excited to share this cuteness with you guys!

I mean can you handle this branding. I am just obsessed with the blush, the gold, the story, everything.

Lets start with the story of kitsch

If this doesn't make you fall in love with this company, I don't know what will.

So well branded, so humanizing, so good.

Now let's get into the goodies, here's what they sent me!

LUXE Shower cap

So I love this, the pattern, the design, the concept. I love everything about it, my only complaint is that I have a giant head and an abnormal amount of hair, so this is very very tight on me. If you have a small (or even average) sized head though, it should work great for you. My only request to Kitsch would be a large version of the shower caps.

Twist-in pearls

These would be sooo amazing for a bride. If you're a bridal stylist reading this you need to check out Kitsch because they have even more amazing goodies like these. This pack of these pins retail for $6 so super duper affordable. These will add a pop of elegance to any up-style. They also are super strong, not cheap quality, I literally tried to break one and couldn't, so you don't have to worry about them falling apart.

Gold claw clip

Well on top of this being gold and adorable, I was surprised by the quality of this piece yet again. This clip retails for $9 and it's not just a junky gold painted plastic clip, it's a smooth, high quality metal. It's heavy in your hand and again doesn't just feel like a cheap clip. It feels high end and more like jewelry than a hair clip. Because it's so heavy duty it stay in my thick coarse hair super well & I love just throwing it in to keep my hair out of my face and still look pulled together.

Hair coils

So these weird little plastic hair coils are to be used in place of a traditional hair tie. This concept isn't anything new and the most well known "hair coil" I've heard of is the "Invisibobble" I know so many people that love these things so much more than hair ties. But for my hair....I'm not that crazy about them. They're cute, they're interesting looking, but for my hair they just aren't realistic in keeping a tight pony or bun. I do however like to use them for a loose low pony when I have a baseball cap on, I think that's a cute look.


Click here to enter over on my Instagram, all the rules to enter will be in the caption.

Also, if you'd like to watch my video review and see these goodies in action, here's the YouTube vid.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out what I'm talkin' about this week, until next time.

x lisa.

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