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Kristen degroff interview

Hey loves and welcome back to the blog!

Today I have someone really special to introduce to you all, the beautiful and talented Kristen Degroff. Kristen and I met over a year ago but have recently become very close. She is my literal soul sister and I truly believe we met for a bigger purpose. Both Kristen and I just had the honor to be interviewed by our mutual business coach on the Thriving Stylist Podcast, I will link both her and I's interviews here. I will also be spending this weekend with Kristen along with 11 other amazing women at Britt Seva's Hairstylist Retreat and I could not be more excited!

Kristen is a hairstylist from Ohio and I think you’re going to love hearing our interview.

So without further ado…. Here it is!

(LISA) Hey Kristen! First of all, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you! My goal for this series is to just get some fresh perspective other than my own and to share some awesome ladies with my followers! So can you start by introducing yourself? Where you’re from & what you do.

(KRISTEN) Oh my gosh Lisa, thank you so much for featuring me! I love this concept and I think it’s so valuable for your readers! My name is Kristen DeGroff, I’m 24 years old & I am a hairstylist in North East Ohio & brand representative/educator for CLE Shear.

(LISA) I love watching everything you’re up to girl! So can you describe your hair for us? Texture, length, density, etc.

(KRISTEN) Yes of course! My hair is naturally curly, medium length, average/thick density. So I definitely deal with a little bit of dryness and frizz, especially during the humid months! My natural color is a dirty blonde (level 7 for all the hair stylists tuning in) and I have lighter blonde balayaged ends.

(LISA) And what is your current hair care routine? How often you shampoo, products you’re loving right now etc.

(KRISTEN) I shampoo my hair about once a week as it is naturally on the dry side, which is pretty normal for someone with natural curl. Usually about day 4 I start using Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo to absorb any excess oil I may have. When I shampoo I typically use Joico Purple Shampoo & deep condition for 5-10 min with Amika Triple Rx Mask. Roughly every other week I will also do a treatment with Olaplex #3. When styling I use Amika Heat Defense Serum & The Wizard to blow dry my hair smooth. Once dry I spray Kenra Hot Spray all over my hair before curling it with a flat iron. I finish by smoothing out any fly always with a cocktail of Kenra Texture Taffy & some more Amika Heat Defense Serum. My style is usually hold up pretty well for the first 3 or 4 Days so I do minimal touch ups with the flat iron & always add more heat protectant before doing so my style holds up pretty well!

(LISA) Yes! This is super similar to my routine! I love that you can style once and look nice for 4-5 days after! So on those days that it’s starting to get too dirty but you wanna push it one more day, what’s your go to dirty hair style?

(KRISTEN) It’s amazing and saves so much time and saves my hair from unnecessary heat damage! If the dry shampoo just won’t cut it but I still want to wear it down I’ll either pull it half back with a cute braid or throw on a hat. Sometimes I get a bit more creative with braids & upstyles if the time allows in the morning.

(LISA) Ugh yes love the power of a good hat!

So what’s your favorite beauty product, non hair related?!

(KRISTEN) I have over the past year become absolutely addicted to Origins Night-a-mins night cream! I swear by it & I think everyone needs it! I’ve never truly felt confident with my skin but this stuff will make anybody look dewy, glowy & amazing in the morning!

(LISA) Ooooooh I am going to order it ASAP!

Outside of just talking hair I love to talk lifestyle and motivation, what’s your favorite way to get inspired?

(KRISTEN) You won’t regret it!

I love to read, listen to podcasts & connect with other like minded individuals. I really think surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals & drive is the best way to stay focused. It’s so reassuring when you have a friend or community of people on a similar journey to yours who have experienced some of the same bumps in the road you may be feeling.

(LISA) Yesss. I love that. And I love when we get to hop on FaceTime and bounce ideas and just share our experiences. Finding your “tribe” is so important & I'm so happy you’re one of those people for me!! What are you favorite podcasts, books and even YouTube channels at the moment? I love finding new ways to get and stay inspired!

(KRISTEN) Our FaceTime chats always get my wheels turning & keep me inspired even a few days later sometimes!I love love love James Wedmore Mind Your Business Podcast. He’s all about taking a step back to find and connect with your tribe. I couldn’t help but think of our chats this morning when I was listening to him coach to the same thing. When you’re stuck in a rut take a break and chat with someone who inspires you! I love the book The Secret, it will for sure be one that I read over and over again. I am currently reading You are a Badass and so far I’m definitely into it! Up next on my list is Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper and The Power of Now.

(LISA) Ugh yes we share a brain girl. Love love love every single one listed and also can’t wait to read Capital Gaines! I know it’s getting late so let’s wrap it up with one final random question... what’s one store you love to get lost in?

(KRISTEN) Ugh, if I have to pick just one I would say altard state! Every corner of that store has a little hidden gem and it’s just so dang pretty in there lol

(LISA) Gah that sounds amazing. I’ll do some research because I've never even heard of it! Well for all my readers that just fell in love with you and want to hear more, can you send me over all your social links and just a little description of what people can expect from your content?

(KRISTEN) Absolutely! I try to keep my content friendly and relatable, I always respond to comments and messages so don’t be shy!


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