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When it comes to hair, I love to focus on the positives: health, shine, more volume, more vibrancy, etc. And believe me, if there’s any overt optimist whose scale often skews heavily positive, it’s me. But I’ve also never been one to glaze over issues. I like acknowledging problems head-on, making a game-plan, and finding a solution— especially when it comes to my clients hair.

So when INTACT approached me about trying their product I was all in. Why?

Well, now we get to talk about a big negative: hair loss while in the chair. As a stylist, I’ve pulled wads of hair out of brushes from every hair type as a result of stress during salon services. No matter if it’s thick and curly or fine and pin-straight, almost everyone in the chair loses some hair during coloring, shampooing and styling.

While some clients have a higher propensity to lose hair for hereditary reasons or lifestyle habits like nutrition and styling routine, minimizing overall hair loss during a service seemed like an unsolved mystery. I always want to reduce the amount or damage or harm done to my clients’ hair, and this was one area that I couldn’t seem to affect.

Remember when I said I liked tackling a problem head-on? That’s where INTACT came in with the only current solution for this problem.

It doesn’t just prevent breakage or swell the hair shaft for seemingly thicker hair like other anti-thinning, anti-hair loss products.

INTACT is a pre-treatment serum that helps prevent hair loss during your clients’ service by securing the hair at the follicle, temporarily reinforcing the hair matrix to help defend its integrity.

Applied in sections to a dry scalp, the serum activates within ten minutes and will last through your clients’ service.

This reinforced integrity was just the power I was looking for to offer my clientele, specifically during in-salon services like color, cut, styling, extension services, etc.

In this video, I am doing a multi dimensional gloss on my lovely client Merla to bring her to a warm, red-violet fall balayage. Throughout the video, you’ll see she has very fine hair, so we obviously wanted to preserve as much of her spunky bob as possible. She was the perfect client to show off the power of INTACT.

You’ll notice towards the end— after a color, blow-dry, and styling— that I show the camera completely hair-free brush. For someone with hair like Merla, these are amazing results.

We were so pleased with INTACT’s effect on her hair, that Merla actually decided to purchase a bottle to take home to use when she does her own routine styling at home (which is totally another use-case for INTACT!).

For the service itself, I now offer my clients an INTACT root securing complex treatment for an additional $15. This adds more value to my ticket price by offering a solution to a problem that no other product can address.

Your clients can also purchase retail bottles to take home, in 1, 2 and 6 month supplies.

When it comes to hair-loss prevention, INTACT is my go-to product for in-salon treatments that increase mechanical tension put on the hair. As a stylist, I simply want to provide the best products, service, and hair-care experience I possibly can to my amazing clients that trust me to do so. I’m stoked to add INTACT to my line-up of offerings for contributing to that mission. Be sure to watch the video of Merla’s gorgeous fall balayage, and leave any questions or comments about her treatment or INTACT below.



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