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malibu c - anything you could ever need out of a treatment

Giving your hair that extra love regularly really makes all the difference in the long run. Regular customized treatments to target your hairs specific needs is the key to a healthy, beautiful mane.

Well that & a good hairstylist that is.

If there is one brand that I can count on for almost (minus Olaplex) all my treatment needs, it's Malibu C.

For all my stylists out there, if you are not yet familiar with Malibu C products, but you've seen all those pretty colorful packets at your supply shop, I'm about to break them all down for you.

The taller ones are customized conditioners that can be used alone or separately in salon or sold as retail to take home.

Here are the 3 of them:


- shine conditioner.

Creates radiant shine and enhanced compatibility. Tames frizzy, unmanageable hair. Light weight, non greasy formula for all hair types. Allow to sit for at least 2 mins. You can also customize a cocktail with other conditioners.


- smoothing protein conditioner.

Repairs elasticity to help prevent breakage. Seeks out only weak strands in need of repair. Replenishes necessary amino acids for tensile strength.


- moisture conditioner.

Boosts hydration to minimize damage and breakage. Restructures curl definition of textured hair. Controls dry, straight, unruly hair.

The shorter packets have a lot of different uses. I will try not to bore you, but I want to break down the job of each of them because I am sure every single person reading this should add at least one of these into their hair routine.

crystal gel

- preps hair for all chemical services.

-removes buildup and discoloration.

-saves time and prevents redos.

Okay so I think this is my favorite of all Malibu treatments. It is some powerful, amazing stuff. To use, mix in applicator bottle. Section and work gel into hair using maximum pressure to ensure saturation. Apply cap and expose to heat for 10-45 mins. Crystal gel is recommended prior to every chemical service. Services will likely process faster than usual following crystal gel. It is not recommended for white, non pigmented hair unless immediately followed with a color service. Malibu crystal gel stops oxidation so it's also wonderful to use directly after coloring. It also helps keep color from fading.

Hair is negatively charged by nature. Minerals are positively charged so they attach to hair. Crystal gel is that force that comes in and separates that magnetic pull. So you may be wondering, well what minerals would I have on my hair? The answer is A LOT. Minerals will attach to your hair from the environment and pollution, water, products, medicines, chemicals, so many ways.

So basically stylists, if you currently don't have crystal gel in your back room, its time to stock up. Think of crystal gel like a base coat, color is like nail polish and miracle repair is like top coat.

miracle repair

- Restores strength shine & volume.

- Instantly repairs & detangles.

- Replenishes vital moisture.

After shampooing, apply and let sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse. For extremely damaged hair, apply miracle repair then cover hair with a processing cap and expose to heat for 5-10 mins. May be used weekly or as often as desired.

curl partner

- ensures long lasting curl.

- refreshes natural or enhanced curls.

- removes mineral buildup.

Recommended to be used weekly by dissolving crystals into palm and scrunch into hair. Allow to sit for 5 mins. Shampoo and rinse.

Hard water

- eliminates brassiness and discoloration.

- removes minerals to purify hair.

-restores volume & radiant shine.

Use at home weekly, same steps as Curl partner.


- removes chlorine, minerals and salt.

- restores shine and manageability.

-safe and gentle for all ages.

Can use weekly. Shampoo rinse and pour crystals into palm to dissolve. Scrunch through hair for 5 mins rinse thoroughly. Not recommended for white, non-pigmented hair. For severe discoloration or chlorine/mineral buildup, crystal gel is recommended under heat in the salon.

scalp therapy

- improves appearance of scalp.

- removes mineral buildup.

- soothes dry scalp.

Shampoo, rinse, dissolve crystals into hands. Massage thoroughly into scalp allowing to penetrate with special attention to affected areas. Rinse and condition. To soothe severe symptoms, scalp therapy remedy may be used more frequently. Also not recommended for white, non pigmented hair.


- brightens blondes and highlights.

- restores vibrant color and shine.

- infuses vital moisture.

At least once a week: shampoo, rinse and pour crystals across wet palm. Rub hands together, adding water to dissolve crystals. Apply and scrunch throughout hair then let sit for 5 mins. For damaged hair I would suggest using miracle repair as well.

color prepare

-preps hair for color success.

- ensures better color coverage.

- extends vibrancy, less fading.

To apply, dissolve crystals into hand and scrunch. Allow to sit for 5 mins. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Conditioner is not recommended. Clients can use at home the day before getting color. This is maintenance, crystal gel is like going to the dentist, color prepare is like flossing and brushing.

quick fix

- for color correction.

- one simple step for the unexpected.

- gentle alternative to harsh chemicals.

May be used right at the shampoo bowl. Dissolve crystals into palm and scrunch into hair for 5 mins. Color service may be processed immediately after shampooing.


- color pigment remover.

Professional use only. Removes metallic minerals, may lift 1-3 levels. Color will not re-darken. No lifting of natural hair pigment. This is a great start to a box dye color correction. Cannot be over processed and can immediately be followed with color or lightener. Mixes similar to crystal gel, applied with bottle. Due to low pH, tingling to clients scalp and stylists hands may occur. Shampoo from scalp if client is uncomfortable. I always like to start a vivid removal with CPR or DDL.


- direct dye lifter.

For professional use only. Successful color lifting with or without developer. Free of ammonia, formaldehyde, gluten and parabens. For best results use crystal gel before and after use of DDL. Mix with 10-20 vol developer. For gentler lifting and to remover blue hues, mix with water instead of developer. Apply with a brush to each section and leave on hair maximum of 45 mins. Check hair every 5 mins until desired results are achieved. It's a good idea to strand test to make sure the hair can hold up before applying to entire head.

Well loves, I hope you learned something from this Malibu breakdown. & I hope you're all having an amazing week.

x lisa.

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