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my new favorite hairbrush.


I'm here to share a video and blog review again this week about an exciting new discovery.

I'm at this new, cool, surreal feeling point in my career as a hairstylist and inspiring influencer where brands are starting to send me hair related goodness in the mail for me to try and if I so choose, to share it with you all and break down the good, the bad and the ugly.

So that happened and I've got something super exciting to share. Its kind of a big deal.

As most of you probably know, The Wet Brush has reigned as my all time favorite hair brush for years now. And for good reason. It is freaking amazing. However, I found this brand called BATHPACK, and they were kind enough to send me one of their brushes and a few clips to try.

So at first glance, I thought, well this is literally the exact same thing as the wet brush.

Cool, I love it, because I love the wet brush.

I love them equally the same.

Because they are the same.

& then when i went to sit down and plan for my video and review, I checked out the bathpack website...

you guys.

wait for it...

are you ready?

this hair brush.



Okay so now do you understand why it's my favorite?! 5 dollars is insane for a professional quality hair tool.

One unique factor about this brush is that while other brands come in different shapes colors and designs, the Bathpack brush only come in this semi gloss silver color with the BATHPACK logo on the back, however I don't mind that at all, I think it's chic and cool and super well branded.

So if you aren't familiar with these "wet hair" concept brushes, I'll explain how it works and why it's okay to brush wet hair with them when our whole lives we've heard to only use a wide tooth comb on wet hair.

When your hair is wet, it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to breakage. That's why we've always known to gently work through tangles with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends working your way up to remove all tangles.

Now these brushes have super thin, flexible bristles that ease through tangles without pulling or snagging giving you a completely pain free experience. Which also makes these brushes a game changer for children. If you are a mama reading this and you are sick and tired of fighting with your daughter every morning trying to get through her tangles I am telling you, I'm not being dramatic. I know it sounds like a hairbrush can't change your life but I am telling you this one can.

Another way I love to use this brush it to bring it into the shower with me and use it to help distribute conditioner and treatments. I also like to use it at the salon to distribute toners evenly throughout the hair when I feel like I need some help working though extra thick hair.

So I'm sure at this point you're completely convinced you need this hairbrush in you life. Well hold up before you buy because BATHPACK was sooo sweet as to offer a giveaway to my followers! TWO lucky winners will get a bath pack brush and 4 clips FREE! Click here to check out my IG and enter the giveaway.

With that I am off to get my babies out of the bath since ive been typing this entire blog post from my bathroom, dodging splashes from "Moana & Maui" which 'are currently Skyler and Bennett's alter egos that are on a mission to flood my bathroom. Any guesses what I'm using to brush their hair? You got it.

Remember, I have new blogs and videos up every week, and I want to be your place you come to for all things hair that you know you will receive only honest and heartfelt feedback.

Thanks so much for reading.

x lisa.

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