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Olaplex color bomb - a vivid's best friend

Updated: Nov 12, 2017

Well hey there!

So, there is this rare breed of unicorns out there. They are fierce, they are bold and I'm a little jealous because they are more courageous than I will ever be.

I am talking about chicks (& dudes) that rock kaleidoscopic locks. We've all seen them - some good, some scary.

The vivids trend is happening right now. But only rarely does it look like a true work of art.

Sometimes you can tell when a girl bought some Sally's bleach and some Splat and had a kitchen hair massacre and now she's stuck with a fluffy pink cotton candy mess on her head.

Let's just take a moment of silence for all of the poor tresses that have fallen victim of a sad situation like this.

Okay, back to reality. If you are considering becoming a unicorn (some prefer being called mermaids, equally as fabulous) you need to become seriously educated on the process of pre-lightening your hair and build a strong relationship with an experienced vivids stylist

Maintaining gorgeous vivid hair requires two main steps. First being combating fading - because it happens no matter what. Vivid colors are direct dyes which in simpler terms mean they basically stain the hair rather than permanently color it. And second being maintaining the hairs integrity. Hair is made up of disulfide bonds which break during chemical, mechanical, heat and environmental damage. Olaplex contains the only patented ingredient to reconstruct these bonds from the inside out. Its basically God's gift to hair but I could do an entire article talking about Olaplex alone. (I think eventually I will)

With those points in mind, the Olaplex color bomb was born.

Here is my video on "How to make an Olaplex Color bomb"

So in the video I give you the recipe for these awesome little bombs, and I am also going to get it in print for you here!

Olaplex Color Bomb


-1 bottle of Olaplex Number 3

-direct dyes of stylists choice

-a funnel

-a bowl

-a whisk


Start by emptying the bottle of Olaplex into a bowl. Then mix in the direct dye pigment in with the Olaplex. You only need a little as you still want to be able to fill the bottle back up. Then mix that concoction up until you get a consistent solid color. Next take your funnel and put it into that empty Olaplex bottle. Pour the mixture in through the funnel, and boom, you have yourself an Olaplex Color Bomb.

This is so great for clients as their color starts to fade. They can do an Olaplex treatment whenever they are feeling like their color is getting dull or their hair is feeling dry, as often as once a week.

This can be done for any rich brunette color if you just want to add a little bit of a purple or a red hue to it. It can be done for blondies who want to be super silver, you just add a drop of lavender to keep all yellow tones away.

Olaplex Number 3 is great for everyone even just by itself but this is a really neat way to make it even better by turning it into a color bomb.

My plain Olaplex Number 3's retail for $28 and I sell these color bombs for $35 to cover the cost of the direct dye pigment.

Stylists, I hope this post inspires you to offer your vivid clients Olaplex color bombs. And for non-professionals, you can take this to your stylists and they can easily whip one up for you!

x Lisa

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