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pulp riot dropped some new products... & these are my favorites

I can remember when Pulp Riot first launched, it was just a small range of direct dye colors with some super cool packaging and major IG hype.

I was instantly intrigued and needed to get my hands on this fun, super trendy new product.

Fast forward two years later and they really have exploded into a huge, much more diverse brand.

I have loved basically every product I've tried from the direct dyes to the powdered lightener now to these products were gonna talk about today.

In case you'd rather watch than read, here's the vid:

In this weeks video I talk about my 3 favorite products from Pulp Riot's latest drop.

They dropped a lot of new products including a clay lightener, 3 toners, a range of developers, a purple shampoo and a dry shampoo. I believe that's everything but I may be wrong...

I picked up all 3 toners but am only talking today about the Violet one because it's my favorite, it's super unique and definitely worth a breakdown in my opinion.

The other 2 colors are Silver and Natural. I am really excited to mix the violet and natural together as I think that's gonna make for a bomb icy blonde.

I am seriously considering using this on my hair because it just give the COOLEST quartz-y lilac color and I really love it.

So just a word of advice, this toner definitely pulls slightly PURPLE. We use a lot of "violet" toners just to counteract yellow and neutralize to a blonde, however this one has a good chance of leaving your client with light purple hair. It's amazing, but make sure your guest is okay with that before you use this bad boy.

Here is the link to my IG picture from my client that I used this on.

It is labeled as a "high speed toner" and it definitely starts oxidizing and showing it's color right away. I let it sit 10 minutes on my client from the IG pic and clearly it really toned but I really liked the color I got.

Next is BARCELONA, Pulp Riot's new purple shampoo.

This product smells AMAZING. If you've ever used Pulp Riot color before and you know that incredible, sweet, fruity smell I am referring to, this shampoo is the exact same. This works well for maintaining a blonde color and keeping brass away, however it's not one of those extremely pigmented purple shampoos that literally turn a blonde silver. So all around it's become one of my top 3 favorite purple shampoos because it does its job for toning and maintaining blondes, it smells SO GOOD and it's not super drying like some purple shampoos can be. 10/10 would recommend.

All my dry shampoo addicts out there, meet BERLIN.

How bad ass is this can? It looks like a can of spray paint for you to go graffiti with.

It shares that same amazing signature Pulp Riot scent which especially for dry shampoo is super important.

It does give a slight white cast so people with dark hair will really have to work it in to make that less noticeable.

So those are my recent FAVES! Tell me, what's a new product you've tried and love?! I just love love love trying and playing with new stuff as they come out.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

Go kick this weeks ass.

x lisa.

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