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Purple shampoo questions, answered.

So you may be wondering... what is purple shampoo, and why would someone use it? Purple shampoo and other toning products use the law of color to counteract unwanted tones in the hair. For purple in particular, it cancels out yellow tones.

Who should be using purple shampoo? Blonde and silver/grey haired gals! (If you’re a brunette feeling like your hair is “brassy” chances are your undertones are orange, so you will want to used blue based toning products!)

How do you use purple shampoo? Just like regular shampoo, except this one your allowed to lather all the way down to your ends. But be careful not to leave it on too long, or you could end up with some lavender locks!

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

Light blondies: leave it on about 2-3 mins

Darker blondes: 10-15 mins

Grey or silver gals: 20-30 mins

There are so many great purple shampoos out there, but my current fav is Amika bust your brass. In fact the have a whole line of purple toning products! Click HERE to purchase, or pick some up at your next visit to the salon!

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