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Welcome back to the blog lovebugs. I've got a super exciting one for you today!

Back in March I was introduced to Shark Fin Shears. I connected with Willy, the Regional Sales & Education Director, over on Instagram and have since fallen madly in love with the company, the products and the people behind it all.

By April, I had officially joined on as a Shark Fin Shear ambassador.

Let's dive in a little bit more about Shark Fin.

So what is it that makes these shears so different from all the other shears out there?

Well, physically (we'll get into ethically later) let's start with their patented innovative handle.

Between the handle design and the finger fitting system, these are the most ergonomic shears in the world.

The handle is called a "crane grip" or a "full offset" meaning, your thumb moves from under your ring finger to under your index finger. This releases all the pressure and stress put on the nerves and tendons in your hand and thumb.

I seriously never even realized how UNCOMFORTABLE my old shears were until I started using these.

Before any Shark Fin Shear is shipped, it is inspected, tested and quality controlled by trained technicians using over 30 steps and procedures.

This company CARES.

Another major insight I learned from my many long phone conversations with Willy (seriously guys, we've spoke on the phone for hours. They take the time to teach completely open and judgement free) is that there are 3 things to look for when you are purchasing shears. Where it's made, what it's made of, and how it's made. This is another reason why I am passionate about this company. They just want to push a movement of #sheareducation because there's almost NONE out there.

I can tell you I had almost 0 shear knowledge before meeting Willy.

So their mission is to educate you not just on their shears. But on all shears. Because they understand that they are not the only amazing shear company out there. There are a lot of other wonderful quality shears and brands.

However, there are also a lot of crap.

There are so many companies out there that take a $300 shear and put a $1400 price tag on it.

And that's what Shark Fin is out to educate on.

Gain the knowledge and go into your shear purchase knowing the important details that determine if you should pay $100 or $1000 for the shear in front of you.

So let's get into it.

How it's made.

Is your shear forged or cast?

Whenever buying a quality shear you ALWAYS want to make sure that they have the following features:

-That they are forged ....not cast

-That the handles are made separately from the blades and hand welded together.

Shark Fin™ shears are forged to insure excellent balance, great control, and proper blade alignment.

What it's made of.

You always want a shear that is made from 440-A or higher Hitachi Japanese steel. This is where the quality is. All Shark Fin Shears are 440-A or higher with prices ranging from $259-$749

Where it's made.

Japan is simply where the highest quality shears come from. Now, Shark Fin wanted to bring that same quality Japanese shear but at a lower cost, so they take all the Japanese components but finish them in China or Korea to keep the cost a fraction of what it would be if they were assembled in Japan.

Always keep these 3 question in mind when you purchase a shear. Shark Fin ALWAYS has these details printed inside their shears. So there is never of question of how it's made, where it's made and what it is made of.

If you are interested in purchasing Shark Fin Shears, make sure you use code LISA at checkout, CLICK HERE to shop.

Guys, if you haven't caught my drift yet, I cannot recommend supporting this company enough. In a world of constant sell sell sell sleezy sales people that just want your money and that's it. It is beyond REFRESHING to meet a quality, do good, ethical company like Shark Fin.

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