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some killer tips for an easy peasy blowout

Hey hey babes and welcome back to the blog!

Blogs always go better with a video to complement them so here it is!

In this video I break down all my tips and tricks to get the best blowout.

The one biggest most important factor that I think a lot of people don't realize is PRODUCT. You can blast your hair with a blow dryer but without product you just wasted 10 minutes of your life and your hair is frizzy and dry and your shoulder is sore. Let me help you with that.

I have partnered up with Design ME to show you guys how these 4 (well you could get away with 3) products are basically all you need for a killer blowout.

So as you saw in the video with Hannah, I like to start by spraying FAB me into towel dried hair. This stuff is seriously like the ultimate leave-in product. Here are just a few things I love about it:

-provides light conditioning

-color fade protection



-reduced blow-drying time

-heat damage protection

-split end smoother

-frizz control

-static reduction

After misting the hair with the leave in, I brush it out with my Wet Brush to remove any tangles.

I then like to spray in the POWER DRY me. I love this stuff!

Stop. Wasting. Your. Time. Blow drying.

This product is a micro-emulsion mist that actually repels excess water, cutting your blow dry time in half! It also provides:

-frizz control

-heat and UV protection

-smooths and conditions

This one is a game changer people. For my Rapunzel clients, I use this product and I know it's not going to be a 40 minute blow dry like it would have been without. All hair stylists should have power dry on their station.

Okay after I have my client all prepped with product, I like to start by rough drying the hair about 70% dry just using my fingers. This saves lots of time and a sore shoulder for me. Once the hair is about 90% dry I switch to round brushing. This is where the magic happens. I section off about one inch sections and work around the head blow drying with the round brush. My current favorite is the Wet Brush 1 1/2 inch extra long round brush. Sometimes I use a flat iron as well to perfect the shape I am going for.

After the hair is perfectly dry and I am happy with the shape, I really like to use either PUFF me or PUFF me light as a volumizing powder.

PUFF me is the first ever volumizing powder in a pump! It provides maximum mass and body. You get a full, rich and lush look with just a pump or two.

-instant volume

-odor and mess free

-made for normal to thick hair

-perfect texture for up do's and braids

It is so easy to use! You just spray 2-4 inches from hair, focusing on the roots, style for instant volume.

And then there is PUFF me's little sister, PUFF me light. For my girls with baby fine hair that voluming powder just creates a heavy, sticky mess. PUFF me light is for you!

With PUFF me light, even the most baby fine hair feels full rich and lush with just a pump or two! It provides the same benefits just with less weight and hold:

-instant volume

-odor and mess free

-made for fine to medium hair

-perfect texture for up do's & braids.

Now the funnest part of all of this is that I am holding a giveaway over on my Instagram for one lucky winner to win all 4 of these products! Head over to my IG now to enter!


Good luck to all entering the giveaway and cheers to good blowouts.

x lisa

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