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The Cycle of Success: SST Core Principals

Welcome to the Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations blog, where we dive deep into mindset, and business building. I'm Lisa Huff, your host and the founder of Stylist Soul Tribe. Today, I want to take you on a journey through the seven stages of the Cycle of Success, the foundation of my coaching principles.

Mindset: The Bedrock of Success

In the first stage of the Cycle of Success, we explore the foundation – mindset. It's more than positive thinking; it's about truly believing in the life and business you want to create. Some recommended reads to open your mind to this stage are "Mindset" by Dr. Carol Dweck and "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, introducing you to the power of the law of attraction and manifestation.

Start your day with sacred morning time, express gratitude, let your mind wander, and embrace practices like meditation and movement. Mindset is not just a stage; it's the ongoing base layer that influences every step in your journey.

Vision: Setting Your Target

Moving on to the second stage – vision. You can't hit a moving target, so getting clear on what you want is crucial. Create a vision board, a tangible expression of your desires. Explore the vision casting workshop and carve out your path for the year ahead. Your vision will guide you as we progress through the subsequent stages.

Dream Schedule: Aligning Time with Vision

In the dream schedule stage, we bring your vision to life by aligning your time with your goals. Imagine your dream schedule without constraints – waking up, seeing clients, and working on your terms. This isn't just daydreaming; it's the blueprint for the life you're building.

Take a moment to picture your dream schedule, and remember, in our industry, you can truly work any schedule you want. Whether you make the leap or plan it step by step, it's time to shape your days into the life you envisioned.

Clientele: Curating Your Circle

The clientele stage is about curating your clients to include those who light you up. Make a list of your clients and categorize them – yes, no, and maybe. Keep those who spark joy, let go of those who don't align with your energy, and create space for clients who resonate with your vision.

Income: Valuing Your Worth

In the income stage, we get down to the nitty-gritty of determining your perceived value and adjusting your pricing accordingly. Check your emotions at the door – this is strictly a game of supply and demand. Run the numbers, evaluate your demand, and ensure your pricing reflects the value you bring to the table.

Remember, as stylists, we are not just artists; we are legitimate entrepreneurs. Smart, calculated financial moves are pivotal to our success.

Whitespace: Creating Breathing Room

After locking down the income stage, we move on to whitespace. This stage is about creating breathing room to enjoy your success and keep your creativity flowing. Streamline your process, systematize, and eliminate the unnecessary. Whitespace is where your creativity blooms, and it's vital for your business and personal growth.

Big Magic: Embracing Transformative Success

Finally, the big magic stage is where the universe conspires with us, sending us transformative ideas and opportunities. Stay alert for flashes of insight, as they often carry the seeds for your next big breakthrough. By embracing big magic, you are primed and ready for fast, messy action.

The Cycle of Success is not just a path; it's a continuous journey. You cycle back to mindset and vision, embarking on endless loops of personal and professional evolution. With each turn, you ascend, transform, and become more empowered.

I hope you feel inspired and ready to recognize where you are on this cycle. As always, if you have any takeaways or insights, send me a DM. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I'll see you on the next episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations.

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