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The Traveling Hairstylists with Leisha Thompson

Welcome to the latest episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations, where we dive into a new possible path in the beauty industry, Traveling Hairstylists. In this episode, I engage in an enlightening conversation with Leisha Thompson, a pioneering figure in the industry. Leisha's groundbreaking concept, The Traveling Hairstylists, is reshaping how we think about hairstyling as a career and lifestyle.

The Genesis of The Traveling Hairstylists: Leisha's journey began as a suite stylist, where she built a successful business but felt a deeper yearning for something more. Her participation in the Stylist Soul Tribe played a crucial role in nurturing this idea. It was here, amid discussions and vision casting workshops, where the seeds of The Traveling Hairstylists were sown. The concept goes beyond traditional salon work, offering a novel approach to hairstyling – one that combines travel, flexibility, and professional growth.

The Leap into a Nomadic Lifestyle: The decision to transition into a traveling hairstylist was not made lightly. Leisha and her husband embraced a nomadic lifestyle, moving into an RV and setting off on an uncharted path. This bold move was inspired by Leisha's previous experiences living in an RV and her desire for freedom and adventure. Her journey is not just about hairstyling; it's a testament to following one's passions and redefining personal success.

The Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating this new terrain came with its challenges. Leisha recounts the initial struggles of finding salons to collaborate with and the importance of face-to-face interactions in building trust and understanding within the community. Despite the hurdles, she successfully established herself in various locations, from Phoenix, Arizona to Asheville, North Carolina, adapting her skills to meet the unique needs of each salon and their clientele.

The Future Vision: Looking ahead, Leisha envisions The Traveling Hairstylists expanding into a team, providing services across the country. This concept isn't just about filling in for stylists on leave; it's about creating a network of professionals who can step in and maintain the continuity and quality of service, ensuring client satisfaction and business stability.

Leisha Thompson's story with The Traveling Hairstylists is more than an entrepreneurial venture; it's a movement towards reimagining the possibilities of this profession. It challenges conventional norms and opens up a world of possibilities for hairstylists seeking to blend their passion for hair with a love for travel and exploration. As we wrapped up the conversation, it was clear that Leisha is not just changing her life but also paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps.

For those inspired by Leisha's journey or interested in The Traveling Hairstylists, be sure to check out her website and social media for more information and resources.


Instagram: @TheTraveling.Hairstylists

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