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tools of the trade : my most used styling tools

Hello hello my pretty people.

Today I am here to talk to you guys about all my tried and true, every day used styling tools behind the chair.

Someone asked over on Instagram if I could make something like this and I thought it was a great idea.

Whether you're a stylist always looking for what fellow professionals are loving, some one brand new to the industry or now having to supply your own tools, or a non professional just looking for recommendations to help you get that salon-hair at home, you're gonna love this weeks topic.

If you'd prefer to watch rather than read here's the video!

So let's get into it.


I use this brush on every single client. I love to use it in the beginning before starting the service to get all tangles out. It is great on wet hair and really gentle for any tender heads. This brush is also wonderful for getting through the backcombing done during balayage. Pair this with a leave in conditioner and you're golden. I did an entire blog post on this brush and if you're interested you can read it here.

Round brush

This is The Wet Brush 2" extra long round brush. The fact that this barrel is over sized and extra long allows me to get more hair dried faster.

I use this on basically all clients from a chin length bob to long Rapunzel locks this brush helps me provide an amazing blowout every time. I would say to also get a little mini round brush as well for those little pixie cuts but for my clientele this is the brush that gets used majority of the time. Not to mention I adore the matte black aesthetic. To purchase your own, click here.

blow dryer

So my favorite blow dryer at the moment is the Blow Out Stylus. I have been using this dryer for a few months and I am obsessed with this little guy. As you can see it has no handle so it's definitely a conversation starter with my clients. I am a person who has always held the blow dryer by the barrel not the handle so if you are also a barrel holder I think you will love this. It has a protective material so the barrel doesn't get hot while drying. It is SO light weight it is crazy. It's so great on my shoulder being so light but it's still just as powerful as and other dryers I've used. As you can see it comes with this little weighted stand so it has a place to store it that is cute and convenient. My only complaint is that there is no cool shot button. There is a cool mode on the switch, but I would have preferred a button. It came with a concentrater, a diffuser and a pick attachment which is great. The concentrater snaps into place which is nice so you never have to worry about it falling off when the barrel gets hot. If you'd like to purchase one, click here.

Flat iron

My favorite flat iron of all time is the GHD Platinum Iron. I have had this iron since 2011 and it is surprisingly still kicking. The fact that I have been using this straightener non stop for 7 years both in salon and at home with my thick coarse wavy hair is just incredible. It's a pricey iron but after 7 years I would say its worth every penny. I've dropped it, traveled with it, its a boss. I did a whole blog post about flat irons and I go into the technology of this iron, if youd like to read that, click here. To purchase an iron, click here.

1" curling iron

I use this iron on my shorter hair clients with bobs, or if I want a really tight, formal curl that will last for proms or weddings. Mine is a Bio ionic 1 inch iron. This iron has a digital temperature screen which I enjoy and changes colors based on if it's heating up or ready. If you'd like to purchase this iron, click here.

1.25" curling iron

This is my favorite size to use on basically all my clients, it can give you a tight bouncy curl or a loose effortless wave. I use this on my hair almost every time I curl it. I use the Hot Tools brand currently but the major factor is the 1.25in size. It goes up to 430 degrees so non-professionals, be careful with it. If you would like to purchase this iron, click here.

So that wraps up my must have styling tools. If I was a stylist starting out needing to provide all tools necessary for styling these would be the most important. A wet brush, a round brush, a blow dryer, flat iron, and a couple of sizes of curling irons.

I hope this helped anyone looking for advice in tools behind the chair.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my opinion, I am so very grateful for you.

See ya again next week!

x lisa.

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