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Unlocking the Secrets to Six-Figure Success in the Beauty Industry with Stacy Monroe

I'm thrilled to share with you some pearls of wisdom from a recent episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations where I sat down with the remarkable Stacy Monroe. Not only is Stacy a grandmother and a passionate businesswoman, she’s also a shining example of how you can have a six-figure beauty business and still live a life full of passion and purpose. Here’s what you need to know.

A Six-Figure Beauty Business is Within Reach

Stacy started her journey in the beauty industry with not much more than a love for making people feel great and a burning desire to be her own boss. Fast forward to today, and she is running a six-figure beauty business. If Stacy can do it, so can you, and both of us are firm believers in the power of mindset to accomplish this. Her story proves that your circumstances don't define your outcomes—your actions and beliefs do.

Planning for a Future Outside the Salon

One aspect of our conversation that stood out was Stacy’s forward-thinking approach. She’s not just in it for the here and now; she's planning a sustainable future. She is considering all aspects of life, including her retirement. Stacy's focus on creating a balanced life resonates deeply with me, and I know it will with you too. It's never too early or too late to plan for your future, whether in your business or personal life.

Investing in Your Business and Yourself

Stacy strongly believes that investing in quality products and continuing education is crucial. She's committed to constant learning and growth, which is something I also highly advocate for in the Stylist Soul Tribe. Investment isn’t just about money; it’s also about time, energy, and focus.

Being Present in Every Moment

What struck me most about Stacy was her commitment to being fully present, especially when it comes to her family. She passionately believes that success is not just about financial freedom but also about having the time and emotional bandwidth to spend with your loved ones. This is something I think we all strive for in the Stylist Soul Tribe. Success isn't just financial; it's holistic.

Must-Reads for a Successful Mindset

We also delved into the books that have changed our lives. Stacy swears by "The Four Agreements" and "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie, and you all know how much I love diving into books that propel us forward, not just in business but in life.

Final Takeaways

The most critical takeaway from our conversation is to believe in yourself and your power to create the life you want. With the right mindset, guidance, and hard work, anyone can turn their dreams into reality. So, let Stacy’s story inspire you to reach for those six-figure goals and beyond.

For more inspiration, don't forget to check out Stacy’s website where she offers incredible free resources including a fantastic 90-day planner.

Thank you for being a part of this ever-growing, ever-inspiring tribe. Until next time, believe in the magic of possibilities.

Grateful AF,


P.S. Don't forget to check out the podcast episode for the full conversation and even more insights. The show notes are packed with all the goodies we talked about. Keep believing in your dreams, Tribe!

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