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Victoria Phillips of sanity before vanity

Sanity. Before. Vanity.

What a message.

We all know I love some vanity, but my goodness why aren't we talking more about sanity?

Today I am interviewing one of my dear friends Tori, who is not in the hair industry at all, but writes a health and lifestyle blog and has a bangin' Instagram that you're all gonna love following.

Tori is currently a nanny, soon to be stay at home mom to her awaiting foster child. Her and her husband are hilarious and adorable and some of the greatest people I've ever met.

So, without further ado.... here is the interview.

(LISA) Thanks so much for letting me pick your brain today and share you with my followers. Can you start out by introducing yourself? What you do and what your blog is all about?

(TORI) Thank you so much for inviting me to be apart of this! I absolutely love the movement you're on and how much of your work is more than just behind the chair (even though you are fabulous behind the chair too). I'm Victoria Phillips! I am currently trading in my title as full time nanny to full time foster mama! I am also an online student, a social media manager for a boutique and I am a blogger. I love all aspects of my crazy journey I am on and hope that I can use each area to impact and love others well. I have been on such a crazy journey with self love, health and overall discovering joy. My blog focuses on the in's and out's of this. I am a mediocre writer that really just wears my heart on my sleeve. I love helping others get out of the rut they're in, no matter what area of life that looks like. I am focused on helping people becoming the best them possible while being open about my trials, journey and other set backs. My husband and I will be licensed foster parents this month so sharing that part of our journey has been so much fun as well. :)

(LISA) Okay you already know how much I love and adore you. You’re one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met and honestly I don’t think my business would be where it is if it weren’t for you. For all you readers, Tori was one of my very first “regulars” when I first started building a clientele. She was the dream client that came in regularly, prebooked, understood my pricing without complaint and most importantly openly shared and loved on me on social media sooo much. Tori was a student at the local college and she was a referral machine sending me in all her gorgeous friends and that really was a big part on how I built my clientele. So in case I’ve never laid it out and thanked you before Tori I just really want to say thank you. Now since that time you’ve been on quite the hair journey, can you kind of explain that briefly to everyone and also tell us about your hair type, thickness, length, texture etc

(TORI) Oh goodness, thank you so much. I was so nervous finding someone new to do my hair but the first time I sat in your chair it was the entire experience I had been looking for. Hours flew by and you quickly became one of my closest friends and favorite humans. I am so so thankful that your clientele has been rocking. My hair journey has been interesting to say at the least! I was one of those girls who box (bleach) died my hair on the reg and never thought twice about it. When I started going to you, you were just honest and focused on getting my hair back to health. This really was a game changer. I have gone from DARK brunette to icy blond and everything in between, even since being in your chair! My hair is pretty thin but I have a good amount of hair so you've been really honest about what the timing of my goals will look like and keeping the focus on my hair being healthy.

(Here's a little peek at Tori and I's hair journey)

(LISA) So since I kind of know what we do I’ll share real quick that when Tori comes back into town, which is about twice a year, we now pack her with baby lights to bring her blonde up and do a smudge root so it can continue to grow nice until she sees me again in 6 months. In between those visits, what’s your hair routine Tori? How often your shampoo, what products you use, how you style etc.

(TORI) So I was absolutely the girl that washed her hair EVERYday and couldn't stand stretching that out. I was challenged to start pushing those days out and now I shampoo about twice a week! I can totally feel the difference in my hair. Also, I have been challenged to do new hair styles since I am not washing my hair as much. I use Matrix So Silver shampoo and conditioner. I am a nanny so I am pretty go go go but I love to do a simple wavy curl either all down or half up and half down. I rock the top knot lots and love a solid side braid too. Oh, I cannot forget Amika dry shampoo. You recommended this so much and I finally listened. Dry shampoo wasn't my fav, I never felt like it worked the way I wanted to but this is a DREAM and smells like freakin' candy. Rant over hah!

(LISA) And olaplex! Tell us about your experience with olaplex because I know it has absolutely transformed your hair!

(TORI) Yess! You used it on my hair while I was in your chair but encouraged me to keep up with it because of how amazing it is. I went for it and now I liveeee for my olaplex treatment days! I do it about once a week. I will lather it on. Especially with the dry weather and color treating my hair, its been amazing. People are always asking me what I do to make my hair look so shiny and healthy. It feels so strong, I love it!

(LISA) Yes I loooove that! Olaplex is such a game changer and as soon as people really give it a shot they instantly fall in love! Now let’s switch gears just a little, what is your number one self care tip that you’ve adopted? I know you take self love super serious so I’m wondering what you’ve found has the most impact?

(TORI) Oh gosh, I feel like I have SO many self love habits. I would say the biggest tip I would give others is to take self love seriously. It is not an "if I have time thing". Schedule "meetings" with yourself and commit to it. You cannot love others well if you are not loving yourself well. I believe that to the depth of my core. I set time for myself and do not let anything come between that (obv emergencies or serious situations are a diff story)

(LISA) And what does those meetings look like to you? Is that praying, meditating, journaling, just thinking? This is new to a lot of people so I like to dig a little deeper as I’ve also found practicing this has made a huge impact on my life. Personally I’m a journal junkie and I also really like to practice gratitude and affirmations. What do you do during those times?

(TORI) Yeah so I do a mixture of a lot of things. I believe in all of those practices so I love to incorporate all them into my life. I am really big into meditation right now. I will put on some calm music, find a restful place, get really comfortable and focus internally. That has been really amazing and when I do this before I start my day I feel so refreshed and ready. I love to journal, drink coffee and set daily goals. They don't have to be big or related to anything in particular, I just love to feel that accomplishment of putting my mind to something and making it happen.

(LISA) Yes we are soulmates I am the exact same way. Just some quiet time to get my mind right to take on the day. I love that. So during the times that meditation and self reflection doesn’t cut it, what do you turn to to get inspired?

(TORI) Loooove it. ugh, yes. Thats where people get discouraged. Self-lovers have lows! Not every self reflection is mountain tops. Sometimes I leave uninspired and that's okay! The biggest thing for me is that even when I have off days, stay in routine. Choose joy and that my mindset will be focused on becoming inspired. Its sooo much mind over matter. Overwhelmed? Set SUPER small goals. (ex: drink a glass of water, send a sweet text, say five things you love about yourself). Feeling discouraged? Write out 3 things you've crushed. Its all perspective and mindset

(LISA) You’re amazing. And I know you practice what you preach because you send me those little snippets of self love on your days when you need them and i think that’s such a smart way to check yourself and get your mind back on track. This has been so insightful and you are such a beauty inside and out. I like to always wrap these up with one final random question, so I’ll ask you, where is the one place your soul feels the most at peace?

(TORI) As are you, I am so thankful to be on this journey with ya and can only imagine where this self-love track will take us personally, and even professionally. Real women (and men) root each other on and that's exactly what you do for me, forever thankful! EASIEST QUESTION. I am such an East Coast girl. The beach! It could be 10 degrees or 100 degrees and I am at my most blissful state by the shore. The way the waves are so peaceful yet strong, reminds me of where I want to be. Gentle yet powerful.


(LISA) Yes I LOVE THE CHEESE! Okay for everyone who just decided you’re made to be their best friend and want to follow your journey, leave your social and blog link below!


Ugh, love ya so much Lisa. Thanks again for asking me to be apart of your killer blog.

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ISN'T SHE JUST THE BEST?! For endless inspiration and good vibes, be sure to give Tori a follow, you will not regret it.

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