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Why every hair stylist should be using Jack Winn Color

Hello fellow hair obsessed humans.

This blog post is geared towards hair stylists, if you're a client I'm sorry this will probably bore you. I will make sure to have another client friendly blog post up for you soon!

Now, If you are a hairstylist reading this I want to say welcome. I am about to introduce and break down an amazing opportunity for you.

All hair stylists are entrepreneurs whether they realize it or not. It doesn't matter how you're pay is determined at your salon. Whether you're booth rental, commission, independent stylist, studio suite or salon owner. When you work with a clientele you are your own business. You are your brand. Now outside of doing hair every day behind the chair, I think its super important to be setting up other streams of income, or as we like to call it these days a "side hustle" .

We live in a day where social media runs the world and the wave of the future is having residual income cranking out on the side.

This is why I get home from work every night I put my kids to bed and spend at least an hour on my phone or my computer working my side hustles.

I have more recently connected with Jack Winn Color and it was a no brainer for me to bring this in to my business.

Now if you don't already know what Jack Winn Color is, it's a professional hair color line that was created by a hairdresser. It is formulated to protect the hair and scalp using the finest botanicals and pigments.


Rice Protein - strengthens hair against day-to-day stress agents that cause it to split, break and fall out. It also adds body to the hair and gives it strength to protect from damaging elements like wind, dry air and sun.

Calendula Extract - great for hair shaft wellness, creating a soft and shiny texture and improving the overall look of color treated hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties were also a key focus of the unique formulation – and their commitment to color that protects and provides a healthy scalp.

Argan Oil - an ideal hair conditioner that treats split ends and tames frizzy hair. With vitamin E

and fatty acids (which also repair damaged skin), it adds a healthy and attractive shine.

Aloe Vera - helps to eliminate itchy and dry scalp. Aloe Vera includes proteolitic enzymes to eradicate dead skin cells on the scalp and its alkalizing properties balance pH levels to further hair growth and retain moisture in the scalp.

The lighteners are the stars of the show

Now anyone who is an avid hair painter knows that finding the perfect lightener is not easy. I have never loved a balayage lightener as much as I love JWC. The Business of Balayage helped create brilliant paint and their expertise did not disappoint. Most clay lighteners stop lifting when they dry out. But that's also how they isolate. Brilliant Paint creates a shell—rather than drying completely—so it continues lifting on the inside and keeps working as long as you need. Thanks to this outer drying technology, you can free paint confident that your lightener will stay where you put it. It's texture and application glide on so you can create the most seamless blends. My favorite way to use them is to mix half and half of Brilliant Powder and Brilliant Paint with the necessary developer plus Olaplex. This creates the PERFECT consistency and the amount of lift it gives is unreal! The speed and evenness that these lighteners provide is almost magical.

If you want to give these lighteners a try email me at with your address and I will send you over some samples!


You can count on 100% grey coverage from Envelop, JWC permanent color line. Along with shine, depth and true to tone colors, you will not be disappointed.

Now let's get into that side hustle

One really unique and awesome thing about this color line, is that it pays you. As stylists we are already using hair color all day every day. This line shares its profits back from every purchase you make, and rewards you for sharing it with other stylists that you network with.

So I'm sure what many of you are thinking is SHOW ME THE MONEY! There are 3 ways JWC pay their associates.

-You make 10% back on every purchase you make

- You make a commission from your referrals

- You make a commission from your teams referrals below you

I mean is that not the coolest thing ever? Do you want in on this awesome opportunity?! To join my team >>> click here <<<

If you want to talk more in detail about this line, feel free to reach out to me at

Happy money makin' babes!

xx lisa

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