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Hey hairstylist!!


let me match you with your soul tribe!


Well hey there girlfriend! I am so happy you are here consuming my words. I really believe you were meant to land on this page, hear my heart and decide whether you're ready to  take this next step in your career and life with me.

I have hustled hard for the last four years pouring my heart and soul into my business and brand.

I am not the same person that I was 5 years ago.

Let's rewind just over four years ago. I was working inside Walmart, doing walk in clients that drained me and left me feeling uninspired.

Fast forward to today I run a business that fuels me. I have an entire clientele that light me up make me excited to go into the salon every day.

It is surreal for me to look back on these past two years. I can't believe how far I've come, how much I've grown, personally, professionally, mentally & emotionally.

Here's the thing about this growth though.

I didn't do it alone. Not for one single second.

I had an entire tribe of fellow stylists and one killer business coach to help me navigate the rocky waters that is entrepreneurship.

I have learned how to prioritize, dream big, and set goals.

I have built an entire clientele, of dream clients, from nothing.

I left the corporate salon that I felt held back by. I became a studio suite owner. I've juggled taxes and business systems. I've learned how to set very important boundaries. I've done a lot of personal growth and development. I've built a connected community on social media. I've worked with many major brands in our industry. I've learned systems to put in to place to keep my business running like a well oiled machine.

Now don't get me wrong, it is WORK, but with a plan, guidance and accountability it can be done by every single stylist.

That is why I want to take the experience and knowledge that I am so grateful to have absorbed this far and give back to the industry.

Between my own personal coaching experiences, the dozens of books and countless podcasts I've consumed, late nights, trial and error - I feel that I have a pretty good tool belt to help other stylists trying to take their career to the next level.

I am so excited to form a loyal and honest community of passionate, driven women to build each other up. I'm not talking about superficial, surface level fluff that wastes your time. I am talking about digging deep, opening up in a safe, trustworthy tribe of people who want to see each other succeed. Who celebrate your successes like they are their own. Who aggressively believe in each other and collaborate brilliant ideas because when women support women, incredible things happen.

I want to dive into all of your goals, struggles, dreams, fears and match you with your perfect tribe to work through every road block with you.

Are you doing the "preach hand" emojis right now? Are you saying "Okay Lis, I'm sold, gimme the details?!"

Here is what Stylist Soul Tribe consists of:

An intentional, driven mastermind with likeminded stylists from all over the country/beyond. A group of friends/soul sisters who want to support you both personally and professionally. Stylist Soul Tribe expedites relationships because everyone comes in open, vulnerable and ready to receive/give support. You tribe needs to be an equal energy exchange and all members are made clear of that before being introduced to their tribe.

The structure of this coaching will be a first time one hour phone call or face time call 1 on 1 with me. This is where we will dive deep and I can learn more about your personal situation. To make sure you and I vibe and set up some goals and plans for you. Based on how you answer my deeper questions I will match you with your soul tribe, a group of fellow women that I think will all mutually benefit from the relationship.

The cost of this first call will be $100/1 hour

From that first call I will take your answers and information I have gathered from you and match you with a soul tribe that I think you will really click and connect with. I like to kind of think fate will take over in this stage and really form some powerful relationships and I am so excited to be that match maker. Because I want these women to become your people. Each mastermind tribe will be put into a secret Facebook group to stay connected and check in with however often they need to.

Included in this membership is a monthly 1 hour group zoom call where we take turns sharing the latest in our business, ask and answer questions for the rest of the members and set goals to keep accountability month after month.

You will be added into a private Facebook group with your tribe where there are mid-month accountability checks. You will also be added to the Stylist Soul Tribe Mega Facebook group which includes all current members of Stylist Soul Tribe. You can use these groups for any questions and conversation threads to hear opinions of other like minded stylists.

You will also be added into a Marco Polo group with your tribe for quick questions and maintaining connections and support between calls. Lisa is in Marco Polo group to supervise but her responses in Marco Polo are not guaranteed. You will have plenty of time on your monthly calls to ask Lisa personal questions. 

You can also apply for a virtual hot seat with Lisa at any time if you are searching for more in depth one on one coaching.

MASTERCLASSES: You will have access in the mega Facebook group to a monthly masterclass hosted by different members of Stylist Soul Tribe covering varying topics that they specialize in. 

The cost of this membership is $50/month or $500/year

Does this sound like exactly what you need? Let me match you with your soul tribe!



Stay up to date on Stylist Soul Tribe!

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