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When a hairstylist and a photographer connect anything can happen! 

Ariel and I connected over a year ago over our love of business and entrepreneurship. We were both successful business owners in the same small town. We share passion for running our dream business and helping our peers do the same.
An instant friendship as born and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for months now to create a Photography for Hairstylists course! Today I have over 100 FREE stock images for hairstylists to share with you! We are all currently out of the salon and our photos are getting a little stale and redundant, so we wanted to help you spice up your feed during this time! Here is the link to claim your free stock photos and they’ll be in your inbox shortly! 👉🏼 CLICK HERE! Make sure if you post them to tag both Photos by Ariel and I so we can see & support your page!
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